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If you reside in Columbia, South Carolina, you are probably aware on the importance of dumpsters to many homeowners. Aside from these units being used and rented by contractors, many homeowners associations rent big dumpsters to efficiently collect the trash in their neighborhood. Furthermore, hiring a waste-management solution on top of getting a dumpster will ensure that you will maintain good waste management.

Another thing to take note of, it is critical that you follow the rules and regulations on dumpster-use safety. There are some precautionary measure when it comes to using the dumpsters and what you can throw in them. To shed some light on this concern, here are some of the rules you must abide to.

Not Everything Goes In The Trash

A regular dumpster can only contain typical and regular household trash. Sometimes, it can also hold wood, dry soil, metal scraps and other degree. However, there are some companies that are strict with the allowable contents in their dumpster.

Unless you have availed for their HHW service, also known as household hazardous waste service, you need to call the company and verify what you can and cannot throw in their dumpster. Substances such as harsh cleaners, acids, solvents, flammable substances, batteries and radioactive materials should be thrown somewhere else.

You Cannot Just Place The Dumpster Anywhere

In Columbia, SC, there are specific rules on how you can situate your dumpster on or near your property. First, it must always be on your premises. If there is a space on the street where you think the container should be, there is a huge chance that a permit will be required.

Availing of the permit can be a tedious task. To avoid lining up and spending excess time at City Hall, just place the dumpster within your property. As long as it is there, you will not get fined nor asked to secure a permit.

Keep Your Children Away From The Dumpster

Dumpsters are tall and deep, while children are impulsive and adventurous. If the dumpster has not been properly closed, there is a great chance that the kids would like to get inside this dumpster. There are potential dangers within the unit. Aside from sharp objects that can harm your kids, they might find some of the allowed harmful chemicals that you have thrown.

Dumpster Are No Smoking Zone

Some flammable wastes like wood, paper and old furniture are allowed to be thrown in the dumpster. But just to be extra safe, you must avoid staying near the dumpster when you want to smoke. This will avoid fires or fumes that could come from the flammable wastes. Do not throw a cigarette butt in the dumpster as well, as these materials can catch fire.

Notify Your Family About The Dumpster Rules

Not everybody knows what goes in the dumpster. As a precaution, always tell your family about what they can and cannot throw in it. It is also important to teach your family the importance of recycling and trash segregation. As many dumpster rentals in Columbia have adopted the green movement, it would be easier on our part to send all the recyclable materials to their respective recycling plants.

Renting dumpsters and garbage trucks is a relatively very simple process. A good provider will make things easier for you. However, it is still important that you know all the rules and regulations that revolve around renting a dumpster unit.

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