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Everything You Need To Know About Dumpster Rentals

Your situation does not have to be complicated when you start doing building work on your house or flat, like a renovation, refurbishing, adding some extension or a swimming pool.

Indeed, this can be quite a time-consuming project, especially when you make renovations or add a swimming pool in your garden. Even when you mow your own lawn or rake dried leaves during the autumn season, waste material can accumulate fast. Undoubtedly, the simplest and most cost-efficient method to get rid of your trash is a dumpster. If you do not have one of these, you can easily rent one.

Why you should rent a dumpster?

The fact is you have to first make sure your really need to rent a dumpster, and in general it means you have a large quantity of unneeded items that take a lot of space. Whenever there is a need to dispose of an immense amount of waste, many homeowners, especially in exclusive areas, will hire a dumpster rental to ensure that their street stay clean.

This is also true for houses and flats undergoing renovation or remodeling. Since the law does not allow anybody to leave the streets with their waste, a continuous flow of clearing is required to be a good citizen. Failure to follow this protocol may result in fines, and in some cases, community service for the people who are selfish and do not clean up their mess.

When do you need a dumpster?

During Home Remodeling or Construction Projects

Remodeling your home will generate a large quantity of waste. Unless you are willing to make multiple trips to clean up the mess small bits by small bits, renting a dumpster will allow you to easily dispose of greater volumes of trash without the need to go back and forth many times.

Leaving debris nearby may cause accidents so be sure to prepare a space where you can gather all the waste materials.

For General Cleaning and Waste Removal

Sorting through your basement, garage, storage rooms and even old bedrooms will cause you to find many unwanted objects. A general cleaning such as this is a brilliant way for you to free up some space in your home once in a while.

But when you have not cleaned your home for years, you can expect loads of trash to pile up. If you are disposing of bulky items, broken furniture, or perhaps broken appliances, you definitely need a dumpster for an efficient way to handle this task.

While Living in a Close-Knit Neighborhood

Residents in some neighborhoods are closer with one another than at other places. To eliminate their problem with trash and waste, these homeowners would actually split up the bill and rent a dumpster for the entire neighbor to use. This is a simple yet inexpensive way to gather all their unwanted items in one place. This is also to lessen the risk of attracting stray animals that can potentially cause an even greater havoc.

How do you know which size is right for you?

Inquiries regarding the appropriate size for your particular case can be easily determined by simply calling our office at 803-408-7985. Our expert staff will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect dumpster to rent.

To give you an idea of the usual size and volume, here is a quick guide:

Size 40

  • It measures 22 by 8 feet
  • It can hold up to an equivalent of 12 pickup loads of trash and debris

Size 30

  • It measures 22 by 8 feet but is relatively shorter than size 40
  • It is a superb choice for demolition, commercial cleanout, and large-scale constructions
  • It can carry an equivalent of 9 pickup loads of trash and debris

Size 20

  • It measures 20 by 8 feet
  • It is the dumpster of choice for accommodating small to mid-sized construction or renovation projects.

Size 10

  • It measures 12 by 8 feet
  • It is used less for renovations but it is well-suited for small home improvements and garbage collection.

What are the requirements to get a dumpster in Greer, South Carolina?

There are times when a permit is required in order for you to rent a dumpster. However, this will depend on the local guidelines and policies in your area. Most of the time, a permit is needed and asked for, especially on renovation projects and massive cleanups. In general, it is not required if your dumpster is situated on your property. But if it is placed on the sidewalks, streets and other public areas, a permit must be secured.

We are to help you with your waste removal requirements in Greer, SC and our customer service representatives will be delighted to answer all your concerns and show you the best package for our personal needs.

Now that you know how to get all the information you need, you can immediately contact us at 803-408-7985 to inquire about the product that best suits you, as dumpsters come in different sizes. So whatever your need, a small dumpster to get rid of old furniture or a huge dumpster to remove the earth from your new swimming pool, we have it in stock!

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