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Are you replacing your windows? Doing a garage clean-out? Perhaps you are remodeling your home? Much of the waste generated by people is recyclable. For dumpster rental companies that offer cleanup and recycling services, residential and construction waste can be part of their services.

Before we discuss about recycling, let us first talk about junk removal.

If you are relocating your office, renovating your house, or decluttering your jammed garage, you will most definitely benefit from junk removal services usually offered by dumpster rental companies. It is typical to find dumpster rental and junk removal services that go hand-in-hand. After all, it just makes sense. The people who collect your trash later will ensure that they have cleaned up the mess you were trying to get rid of.

What exactly is junk removal?

It is an industry dedicated to assisting offices and neighborhoods declutter their homes and clean up the trash. People frequently ask how it is different from the standard garbage services. The truth is, there is more work with junk removal companies as they provide extensive waste removal. For example, you are remodeling your kitchen and have no space to throw away debris. You can call a junk removal company for help.

There are two types of waste removal services. First is the self-service waste removal where you and the people involved in the clean up of your home or office are responsible for dumping all the trash in the dumpster. Once it’s done, the company simply takes the dumpster full of garbage away. The second type is full-service junk removal. This is when the service provider delivers a dumpster and two to three people to come to your office or home to discard the debris and garbage.

Collected Junk

The most requested junk removal items are household debris, general office garbage, basement, garage and attic clean-out, disposing of old appliances, and furniture removal. If you look closely, these are items that can either be recycled or donated. This is why junk removal and recycling services go hand-in-hand.

As waste management companies have a moral responsibility to keep it green and stay environmentally friendly, they continue to discover ways to reduce the waste they have collected. This is strictly followed, especially at Columbia, SC as they have strict garbage disposal and recycling policies. Scraps of wood can be repurposed, glasses can be crushed and recycled and biodegradable materials can be donated to local farms.

So what happens to the collected junk? Here are some of the conventional materials that waste management personnel sort and gather.


All forms of plastic, from the water bottles to bag wraps, can be recycled and turned into something new. Doing so can help conserve fossil fuels and save the space of landfills. They can also be shred into smaller flakes and turn into jackets, carpets, containers, tubs, tables and even construction materials.


The actual process of metal recycling happens when they are broken down and reformed into newer pieces. They are carefully segregated during waste disposal to ensure that they are repurposed with the other metals with similar properties. Aluminum is one of the metals most commonly recycled.

Paper and Cardboard

Paper is collected, sorted and recycled. Afterwards, they are taken to a paper mill where they turn into pulps and get screened for cleaning. After this process, the pulp is turned to new paper and other cardboard products such as boxes.

Scraps of Wood

Wood is a common waste type on construction sites. Though most of the wood thrown away is considered junk by many contractors, they can actually be repurposed for newer projects. Dumpster rentals and junk collecting services segregate usable wood and donate these to charities, shelters, and even local farms.

Many companies that offer dumpster rentals and junk collection are committed to leaving a positive impact not just on their customers but to the environment. So choose a company that does their part in saving our only planet.
Dumpster rental, Columbia, SC offers a repository of discarded treasures known as the “Collected Junk.” Within these dumpsters lie the remnants of various lives – from worn furniture to discarded appliances.

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